FUTURE-AI: Best practices for trustworthy AI in medical imaging

FUTURE-AI is an international, multi-stakeholder initiative for defining and maintaining concrete guidelines that will facilitate the design, development, validation and deployment of trustworthy AI solutions in medical imaging based on six guiding principles: Fairness, Universality, Traceability, Usability, Robustness and Explainability.



The first principle of the FUTURE-AI guidelines is the one of Fairness, which states that imaging AI algorithms should maintain...

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While a certain degree of diversity in the design and implementation of AI solutions in medical imaging is both expected and de...

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The traceability principle states that imaging AI algorithms should be developed together with mechanisms for documenting and m...

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The Usability principle states that the imaging AI solutions should be usable, acceptable and deployable for the end-users in m...

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The Robustness principle refers to the ability of an imaging AI model to maintain its performance and accuracy when it is appli...

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The sixth and final principle of the FUTURE-AI guidelines is the one of Explainability, which states that imaging AI algorithms...

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Future AI

Is your image analysis AI tool FUTURE-AI ready?

The FUTURE-AI assessment checklist consists of concrete and actionable questions that will guide developers, evaluators and other stakeholders in delivering imaging AI tools that are trustworthy and optimised for real-world practice.

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Instituto de investigacion Sanitaria La Fe
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Institute of Information Science and Technologies “Alessandro Faedo” – ISTI